newly finished party barn sitting beneath evening sky in front of green grass
red wooden party barn doors surrounded by stone siding and concrete flooring
single red door and window on first floor of party barn
red part barn door with black metal handles
landscape view of party barn with green grass and white clouds in background
vintage style kitchen with island and stools inside of party barn
kitchen countertop and cabinetry sitting between stone wall and wooden floor
close up view of wood kitchen cabinet with black metal piece on top
hand hewn beam attached to stone wall in party barn
circular light fixture inside party barn handing beneath wood ceiling
indoor furniture and in open event space with polished wooden floor in party barn
vintage style bathroom with reclaimed wood and yellowish walls door and
bedroom inside party barn with hardwood floor and newly made bed with plaid blankets
wooden stairway sitting next to small waiting area with loveseat and wooden table
party barn garage with several cars and motorcycle parked inside
living room of party barn with hardwood floor and ornate furniture sitting throughout
dining room inside party barn with wood floor and ornate table and chair sets
symmetrical entrance doors to party barn
drone image of party barn in schwenksville pa