luxury custom home sitting beneath blue sky with large pool in front

11 Must-Have Amenities for Your Luxury Home

Have you been dreaming of building a custom luxury home? The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the extravagant amenities available today. As you know, a luxury home does not just mean a large floor plan or well-maintained landscaping or even a perfectly designed interior. Luxury homeowners can carefully select the custom features that will add pleasure and convenience to their day-to-day lives, enhancing the comfort of their homes and increasing their resale value down the road.

If you’re looking for a place to start, check out these top trends for must-have amenities for luxury homes.

1. Open Floor Plan

Having an open floor plan improves the flow of movement throughout your home. Hosting parties and entertaining guests is more enjoyable when there are large spaces for people to mingle and gather together. Walls and doors limit the flow of traffic throughout a space, which makes homes feel smaller than they actually are. With an open floor plan, you can highlight the allure of a larger space.

Not only does an open floor plan allow for better movement, but it also increases the amount of light that can fill the space. Walls tend to block sunlight and create dark spaces throughout a room. Increasing natural light reduces the amount of electricity needed to brighten a room, and it adds a softness to the design and ambiance.

An additional benefit of an open floor plan is the improvement of communication in the home. It’s harder for soundwaves to travel through closed doors and thick walls, so if your family has a tendency toward selective hearing, perhaps an open floor plan can resolve some of the troubles.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

There’s no reason to limit the luxury of your home’s amenities to the confines of four walls. Increase the footprint and functionality of your home by connecting to the great outdoors with an open-air kitchen.

Luxury outdoor entertaining allows you and your guests to connect with nature, enjoy the views of your backyard, and relax in the fresh air and sunshine. Semi-enclosed spaces can be created so you can enjoy each season year-round. An outdoor kitchen enhances your ability for elevated outdoor dining experiences, keeping everything at your fingertips so you don’t have to go back and forth to your kitchen indoors.

3. Pool

Outdoor pools have always been the ultimate amenity for luxury homes. Pools are a must-have for hosting fun summer parties with friends and family — or for a quiet, relaxing swim after a long day. Not only do swimming pools add value to your home, but they also provide health benefits. Swimming is a great exercise for building muscle, and water exercise is known to be a gentle therapy to treat and prevent injuries.

Create a private oasis in your own backyard. Soak in the sunshine and get the benefits of vitamin D and serotonin from spending time in the fresh air. With an outdoor pool, you can experience the feeling of a luxury resort in the privacy of your own home.

4. Exercise Room

If you have fitness goals for health and wellness, a designated exercise room should be at the top of your must-have list. People are more likely to stick to their workout routine if the tools they need are readily available. In fact, lugging the equipment out from its hiding place is sometimes a workout in and of itself.

Having a designated exercise room allows you to keep your gear out and organized. It’s safer than having dumbbells and workout equipment spread throughout your home, which can cause tripping hazards and the potential for injury.

With a designated exercise room, you can invite a friend or trainer to join you with enough space for everyone to move around comfortably. Skip the busy gym with its expensive membership and build the ideal exercise room to get into the best shape of your life.

5. Game Room

If entertaining guests ranks high on your list of favorite pastimes, don’t forget to add a game room to your building design. Game rooms allow you to easily host parties and game nights with plenty of space for everyone to have fun and enjoy a round of billiards or compete in their favorite arcade games.

Not only is a game room perfect for entertaining, but it also encourages family time. No one wants to miss out on the fun, so invite the kids or grandkids over for a game night that everyone will remember.

If you have younger children, a game room can stop toys from spilling from one room to the next. Add custom storage systems to keep everything organized while maintaining the consistent look and feel of your home’s style and aesthetics.

6. Spa Bathroom

Nothing feels more luxurious than a full spa experience. Now you can enjoy deluxe spa treatments in the comfort of your own home. Relax, soak in the ambiance, and let the stress of the day melt away. Treat yourself to amenities like a dazzling chandelier, deluxe fixtures, cozy accents, heated floors, a two-person rain showerhead, or massaging jets. Whether you choose a soothing spa shower or a freestanding tub — or maybe both — you’ll experience the tranquil joy of a spa experience without having to leave your house.

7. Library

Even in a digital age, many luxury homes include an elegant library. Not only is it the perfect way to show off your collection, but libraries can also be a quiet escape from the rest of your house. Choose comfortable, sumptuous seating to read and enjoy your favorite authors. Add soundproofing to block out distractions and create a quiet space without disruptions.

Home libraries give an air of sophistication to any home, but they have practical purposes too. They are perfect for storing those boxes of books you’ve gathered over the years without hiding them in a closet or letting them gather dust in an attic. Having a private home library also encourages children to read, and it models the value of becoming a lifelong learner.

8. Elevator

Accessibility is an important consideration for aging residents. Many Baby Boomers are choosing to stay in their homes instead of moving into retirement facilities as they age. If you’re planning your forever home, build one that lets you age comfortably. Residents with limited mobility benefit from the safety of having elevator access. It reduces injuries from tripping or falling on the stairs.

Elevators also add convenience. You can transport heavy packages and cumbersome equipment between levels with ease. If you have an enviable rooftop view, an elevator allows you to soak in the sights without feeling like you climbed Mount Everest to get there.

9. Wine Cellar

Most wine enthusiasts have their own wine cellar. But they’re not just for practical purposes, like having a temperature-controlled location to store your wine collection. Today’s wine cellars are beautiful works of art. Modern layouts might have chic designs, with backlighting to illuminate the bottles, or rustic brick walls with vaulted arch ceilings. Whether the collection is enclosed in glass or showcased in an open display, the aesthetic options for luxury wine cellars are endless.

To further customize your wine cellar, add temperature and humidity control to protect the flavor profiles of your collection. Consider installing a security system that monitors when anyone enters and exits the space. You can even design your wine cellar to include comfortable seating for having your friends over for a fun-filled night of wine tasting.

10. Advanced Tech

Many of today’s homes include some amount of smart-home technology, including automatic lights and locks, temperature control, alarm systems, and video doorbells. However, luxury homes take the technology to the next level with face-recognition biometric security systems, shower TVs, wall socket USB outlets, heated floors, and automatic shades. These upgraded amenities make life easier for homeowners, but they also provide peace of mind with extra layers of security built into the home.

11. Tennis Court

Building a custom home with a private tennis court gives your property an air of luxury and exclusivity. Not only will you have year-round access and home court advantage, but you’ll also increase your home’s value as well. Additionally, at-home courts promote health and fitness as you improve your skills.

In addition to playing tennis, courts can be used for hosting a variety of events. They provide the perfect surface and space for throwing large gala celebrations, social fundraisers, wedding receptions, and birthday parties. They’re also a fun feature for children or grandchildren to safely ride their bikes or tricycles within the enclosed boundaries of your property.

A Custom Builder with Luxury Expertise

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