Our Process

At B&D Builders, we believe every building is an opportunity to create something special with our customers. We approach each project as a true collaboration, with the idea that buildings should be more than functional; they should inspire and delight the people who use them every day.

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We listen. We ask the right questions. We welcome your input every step of the way to ensure you love the space where you live, work, or play.

Our process is the same for each construction project, whether it’s a bank barn, a new home, or an event venue. You’ll find no egos or hidden agendas here — just a commitment to quality craftsmanship and satisfied customers.


    We’ll visit your job site to learn about your goals and get the lay of the land. Whether you have a sketch, completed plans, or nothing at all, we’ll discuss how B&D Builders can help.

  2. Draftsmen

    We’ll take your sketch or idea and form it into a full drawing. Seeing your project on paper can really help determine if it works for your needs—and your property.


    Once we know we’re heading in the right direction, we work with the best architects and engineers to create detailed plans and designs that account for the space, geology, and local codes of your project.


    Using as much local material as possible, our professionally trained crews get to work with a perfect balance of skill and speed. You’ll have a dedicated job supervisor and project manager to keep everything on track along the way.

  5. Your Style

    We work with you to reflect your personal style while delivering the everyday function you require. Reviewing photos or websites or even visiting a barn or home you like are welcome parts of this phase!

  6. Interior Options

    From doors to windows, staircases to fireplaces, wide-open spaces to cozy places, this is where form meets function to suit your tastes and the way you live or work every day.


    While we’re sure you’ll be pleased with your new building, we know the project doesn’t end there. From wood staining to landscaping to other finishing touches, we’ll make sure every detail is just as you pictured it.

  8. Your Completed Dream

    We’ll walk through your completed project with you to ensure you’re satisfied. We’re not happy until you are.

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