horse barn maintenance

Autumn Barn Tips for Ongoing Maintenance

It’s fall and that means it’s the perfect time to start planning barn maintenance for the colder, drafty days ahead. A simple inspection of your horse barn can help identify areas in need of maintenance to ensure your barn is in tip-top shape this winter.

Here’s B&D Builders’ To Do List:

  • Check for Drafts – Good ventilation is essential for horse health, but large drafts can be dangerous. If your barn is older, check doors and windows and cover any holes that let in too much air. Replace any broken windows or faulty door latches. Remember some airflow is critical and can help reduce respiratory ailments among your horses.
  • Check Door Sizes – Quality barn doors make a big difference and are a worthwhile investment. Check to make sure your barn end doors fit properly and provide plenty of coverage from side-to-side and from top-to-bottom. If you see big gaps, you should consider replacing them. Replacing your door with a custom door will ensure the new door matches your current barn style and functions as expected.
  • Inspect Bulbs and Electrical Systems – It’s always easier to change light bulbs when you can see. Replace any blown bulbs and check wires for fraying. Equip your barn with battery-powered flashlights to provide safe access to your barn in the event of a power outage.
  • Focus on Your Feed Room – Clean up your feed room to help reduce the risk of rodents and insects. Sweep up spills that will attract your unwanted guests and inspect your storage containers to make sure the lids seal tight. Use pallets for storing hay.
  • Prepare Water Supply – Keep a close eye on the water trough and take measures to prevent freezing. A heating device is a sound investment and can help ensure your horse is well hydrated. While the consumption of snow is ok for horses, it is not a good substitute for fresh water and will not prevent your horse from getting dehydrated over the winter.

By observing and implementing these simple tactics, you’re sure to keep your horses happy and healthy this winter! Need help or considering a new barn for next year? Contact B&D Builders to discuss your project.