interior of horse barn with stall on the left and a fan hanging from the ceiling

What Are the Best Types of Fans for Horse Barns?

Providing a safe, comfortable environment for your horses is one of the most important aspects of ownership, and the temperature and air quality of your barn can play a major role in their overall well-being. Because horses are well suited for colder settings, choosing the right fan (or fans) to create a living space that fosters both health and happiness is something all owners must consider.

With multiple options available, and a variety of needs that must be met, this can be challenging. To help, the team at B&D Builders has compiled a list of the best types of fans for horse barns, along with some additional information to help you make the most informed decision possible.

  1. Box Fans – Box fans are a versatile and affordable option for providing airflow, as they are both portable and mountable. These work best in smaller barns and individual stalls. That being said, their efficiency in larger spaces or areas with high humidity may decline.
  2. Circulation Fans – Also known as barrel fans or high-velocity fans, circulation fans are designed to move large volumes of air in a concentrated area, which makes them ideal for larger barns. These models help reduce heat stress, control odors, and improve overall air quality.
  3. Exhaust Fans – Exhaust fans are designed to expel stale air, moisture, and odors and are typically installed within the walls or ceiling of a horse barn. These work best in combination with intake vents to create formal air exchange. Consider this type of fan if your barn is located in an area with high humidity or one that endures extreme temperatures during the summer months.
  4. Ceiling Fans – These fans help with general air circulation and are especially useful for large barns with higher ceilings. We recommend using ceiling fans in conjunction with other types of fans to maintain positive airflow throughout your barn.
  5. Misting Fans – Misting fans combine the benefits of airflow and evaporative cooling, as they utilize water mist to lower the ambient temperature of a barn and create more comfortable conditions for horses. These are particularly useful in hot, dry climates, but they do require a water source and proper care, making them slightly more high-maintenance compared to other options.

Providing air circulation and keeping your barn at a controlled temperature for the welfare of your horses should always be a priority. Taking the above factors into consideration can make choosing the right fan for the job a simpler task.

At B&D Builders, our team of experts is here to help in the design and maintenance of your barn or arena to give you and your horses the most enjoyable equestrian environment possible. Get in touch with us today.