custom built horse barn interior hallway with stalls on each side

Safety, Durability & Good Looks: Your Best Choices for Horse Barn Flooring

Although much is rightfully made of a horse barn’s construction and the appearance of its walls, stalls, roof, and exterior, its flooring plays a critical role in the health and well-being of your horses. When choosing between flooring options, you’ll want to find a balance of safety, ease of cleaning, durability, visual appearance, and cost.

Perhaps obviously, the most inexpensive option is concrete. While quick to install and serviceably resilient, concrete tends to crack, and when it has a polished surface, it doesn’t handle water well. A thin layer of water on an untextured surface, even in small puddles, makes it dangerously slick, putting your horses at risk for serious injury. To combat this, we “broom finish” our concrete flooring to provide much-needed grip whether the surface is wet or dry.

However, as veteran horse barn builders and equestrian flooring installers, we have come to favor several other options. Depending on your particular needs, budget, and desired look, you may find that one or more of the following choices would fit your barn.

1. Porous Asphalt

Less Slippery | Easy to Clean | Inexpensive

Why It’s a Good Choice: Porous asphalt is a coarse pavement that allows water and urine to drain through it, into a layer of stone, and eventually, to the soil below your barn. This type of flooring is easy to install, as it does not require a contractor to have special equipment or skills. It has a lifespan of more than 20 years and is easy to patch and clean.

When It’s the Right Choice: For outdoor areas, such as horse barn entrances, parking lots, and pathways where water drainage is important, porous asphalt is an inexpensive alternative to concrete and is less slippery when wet.

2. Rubber “Dogbone” Pavers

Non-Slip Surface | Attractive | Easy to Repair

Why It’s a Good Choice: Rubber pavers in the shape of a dog bone have a distinct visual appeal. But these interlocking pavers don’t just create an attractive pattern for your floor — they also install easily over a hard surface (such as concrete) and are easy to replace if damaged. The rubber material provides an excellent non-slip grip as well as anti-fatigue cushioning for you and your horses.

When It’s the Right Choice: Rubber pavers are ideal for aisleways, grooming areas, wash bays, and other high-traffic areas in a horse barn. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and provide a comfortable and safe surface for horses.

3. Interlocking Mats

Slip-Resistant | Easy to Repair | Inexpensive

Why It’s a Good Choice: Similar to the pavers above, interlocking mats offer a cushioned floor of rubber with anti-fatigue benefits. The mats do not pull apart or move around while in use but are still easy to install and repair. This flooring is highly slip resistant and easy to clean, and pricewise, it is an inexpensive option that’s also durable and long-lasting.

When It’s the Right Choice: Interlocking mats are a suitable solution for stall flooring, wash bays, grooming areas, and aisleways. Their easy “click together” installation and repair make them a low-maintenance choice for high-traffic areas, while their easy-to-clean qualities are ideal where frequent washings and hygiene are priorities.

4. Ecore Rollout

Slip Resistant | Antimicrobial | Durable | Long-Lasting

Why It’s a Good Choice: Ecore Rollout rubber flooring is a quick, effective way to cover your floors while giving your horses a surface that’s gently forgiving. Rollout absorbs your horses’ leg impact concussion for a force reduction of up to 28%. Conversely, Ecore Rollout’s surface rebounds 55% of energy, putting a little spring into the step of the horses and people who walk on it. Rollout is made of reclaimed rubber materials, keeping rubber out of our landfills and giving it a new purpose. A variety of thickness options are available.

When It’s the Right Choice: True to its name, this flooring’s “roll out” feature allows you to easily install it in your desired locations and to replace sections should they require it. This is also a durable material that will stand up to high traffic and last a long time.

5. Padenpor DLX

Slip Resistant | Antimicrobial | Easy to Clean | Attractive

Why It’s a Good Choice: Padenpor DLX provides a resilient, seamless, textured floor that’s ideal for horse barns and other equine facilities. It’s constructed with recycled rubber and self-leveling polyurethanes, which makes it slip resistant, easy to clean, and adaptable to many environments. There are no cracks, voids, or seams in which bacteria can grow, and with regular cleaning, you can expect antifungal and antimicrobial results, providing a sanitary environment for horses and humans alike. Padenpor withstands heavy traffic, though it can be resurfaced if necessary, which is less expensive and time consuming than removing and replacing floors.

When It’s the Right Choice: Padenpor can be used for any flooring purpose in a horse barn. With its versatility, durability, antimicrobial benefits, and visual appeal, it is a fantastic product, though also one that comes with high costs. Additionally, installation and any necessary repairs will need to be completed by a company-trained individual. But if it fits within your budget, we highly recommend this product.

On Firm Footing

Careful thought and planning should go into choosing the ideal flooring for your horse barn. Weighing its cost and visual appeal against the considerations of slip resistance, durability, and protection against microbial growth will help to narrow your options.

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