Indoor Horse Arena Construction

Design Tips for Building an Indoor Arena

When planning for your indoor riding arena, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost is whether or not the arena will be indoor or outdoor. Practically speaking an outdoor arena will require a lot less intensive construction, but an indoor arena will offer the convenience of riding year round.

When planning an indoor area, B&D Builders considers several planning factors that ultimately influence the direction the design takes. Here are our indoor arena design tips:

  • Structure type:  there are several types from which to choose. Primary types are steel frame, laminated arch and wooden post frame. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each is a key first step.
  • Size of the arena:  the land and location will influence the size of your arena, along with your budget and of course your intended use for the arena. Width of an arena is typically a firmly set attribute of an arena. Width of an arena is
    typically a firmly set attribute, however an arena can have length added if the intentions/uses of the arena change with time.
  • Heating, insulation and ventilation:  your location and climate will largely dictate the heating and insulation needs. You’ll also need to account for proper ventilation. Windows and doors are a design given, but will not be sufficient for proper ventilation of your facility. B&D recommends a vented ridge system as well to help mitigate moisture that often occurs as the hot air rises in an arena.
  • Lighting: natural lighting is very popular. B&D recommends roll-up garage doors with full glass to take advantage of the natural light in the winter and ventilation in the summer.
  • Permitting required:  you will need to weigh all of the considerations required for proper permitting from your township or municipality. Intended use, zoning, and land designation status are among the number of factors that will be considered on your permit application.
  • Budget:  bearing in mind that the more elaborately designed and features included, the larger the budget for your project will need to be. Don’t forget to weigh all details into your arena budget, lighting, driveway paving, building foundations, and of course the interior details and attributes as well.