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Design Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

barn horse stalls in the summerWhen building a barn it’s important to consider your climate and how the change of seasons can affect your horses. Incorporating designs elements to increase comfort during the summer months is a smart and cost-effective strategy that will make a substantial difference in the comfort level inside the barn.

As experienced equestrian barn builders, B&D Builders recommends the following summer barn design tips to help you and your horses beat the heat.

  • Dormer Windows – Dormer windows add character to your custom barn design and are an effective way to increase air circulation in the summer months.
  • Front & Rear Doors – A dual door design provides great cross-ventilation as well as the flexibility to always have one door open as the sun moves from east to west. From Sliding to Dutch – doors add design and functionality.
  • High Roof – Because warm air rises, designing your barn with a high roof keeps the heat well above the stalls and main work areas.
  • Cupola & Exhaust Fan – Adding a cupola and fan system is an effective method of pulling hot air up and out, while bringing in cooler air. To be effective, it’s important the cupola is the appropriate size for the barn being built.
  • Covered Porches – Adding a roof to your porch not only looks inviting, it also cools the air closest to your barn. This added shelter is also a great place to groom your horse before heading back inside.