horse barn tack room with equipment hanging on walls and sink in far corner

Organizing & Designing Your Perfect Tack Room

Of all the spaces in your barn, the tack room is a place for you. No need to worry about designing this space for your horses’ enjoyment – it’s all yours to do with as you please. It’s up to you to decide if functionality should be of prime importance or if you are looking to create a personal sanctuary. Regardless of your goal, keeping your tack room safe and organized is often a top concern. We’ve rounded up some helpful tips and ideas on how to design your perfect tack room.

Location, Location, Location

Before you begin the design and layout of your tack room, it’s important to determine the best location for the space. Make sure the location you choose is convenient enough for riders to access while still providing security for your equipment.

A practical point to consider: we all know how heavy saddles are. (The average saddle weighs around 30 pounds!) So, consider how far you want to carry your tack, saddle and gear to and from the tack room.

You may also want to keep your tack room located near a wash stall or relatively close to where you unload trailers. Taking the time to consider the best location for your tack room now will save you both time and energy down the road.


Once you’ve decided on the best location for your tack room, it is time to consider layout.

Many of our clients start by segmenting the room into where you will store different types of equipment. For instance, we recommend keeping all of your grooming supplies in one area while your tack equipment is stored in another. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for when you’re in a rush. It’s also a good idea to keep your grooming equipment located near the door for easy access since you will need these supplies quite often.

Don’t forget to also consider the width of your door when building your tack room: you’ll want to have plenty of room to carry a saddle through the doorway.


Before you fill up your well-designed tack room, it’s important to address any concerns on keeping your tack room clean, dry and at a comfortable temperature. Installing doors that are sealed or adding weather stripping and proper insulation will help to prevent moisture, dust, dirt and insects from getting in.

Prevent your leather equipment from growing mold by installing a dehumidifier system, fan, air conditioner or heating system depending on your climate. By addressing these concerns early, you’ll be able to protect your equipment as well as your investment.


Lighting is essential to any tack room. With the proper lighting, you can discourage pests from making your tack room their home. How much light you will need depends on the size of your room, but you will likely require overhead lighting as well as additional lighting beneath any cabinetry. By using fixtures that throw off an even amount of light you can avoid dark spots. You can protect your light bulbs from gathering dust and dirt and reduce time spent cleaning by investing in sealed fixtures.


Once all of the above details are squared away, you can begin to consider how you will store and organize all of your supplies and equipment.

Keeping track of all of your equipment is often a challenge. By making sure there is a place for everything in your tack room you can avoid misplacing items. Wire shelves, plastic bins, and saddle racks are great options to help organize your supplies. We recommend using as much wall space as possible to store your equipment, making it easy to find what you need. Use a peg board to conveniently hold all of your extra bits. Even taking the time to label where each horses tack will be placed can make life easier in the long run. For extra storage space try installing a storage bench, it will add an element of comfort while increasing the functionality of the room.

Personal Touch

Now comes the fun part: adding your personal touch to the tack room. If you’re a show rider, add a display area for any trophies and awards. If you have a bold personality, try adding a splash of color with a bright coat of paint. Hang vintage feed signs or old horse show posters to add some equestrian style. If your tack room tends to become a place for social gatherings, add a table and some comfortable chairs to make it a more relaxing and enjoyable space. The possibilities are endless.

Now that the stress of designing and organizing your tack room is out of the way, remember to have fun with the décor and add a bit of your own personality to the room.

Our Services

Looking to design your perfect tack room? Contact us today to work with our skilled craftsmen and in-house design staff on your unique project. Some of our custom tack room options include butcher block wood countertops, saddle drawer slides, tack islands, helmet storage cabinets, bridle holders, feed boxes, saddle holders and tack boxes. Contact us today to get your project started!