store front of the country life store with pumpkins and fall decorations out front
corner view of the country life store with white picket fence partially showing
two benches sitting on patio outside of shop with timber frame truss overhang
aged & cured sign sitting on top of wood beam
symmetrical wooden entry doors with glass panels featuring the words cheese & meats
aged & cured entryway with two symmetrical wooden and glass doors sitting in the center of building beneath shingle roof
the olive basin entryway with timber frame overhang with fall decorations
interior of store with olive oil and and food selection
check out counter sitting between glass door and rack with inventory sitting on it
olive basic store front with corn stalks and pumpkins being used as decoration
wine shop store front with american flag and fall decorations
wine shop store front sitting behind blacktop and beneath blue sky
wine shop store front with multiple shrubs and fall decorations out front
two symmetrical wooden doors sitting behind timber frame beams with fall decorations
outdoor dining area half covered by overhang supported by timber frame trusses
outdoor dining area with square tables and chairs partially beneath wooden overhang
interior of wine shop with wooden floor and a variety of bottles on display shelf
corner of wine bar sitting beneath second floor dining area
wine bar with granite countertops and wooden bar stools