white painted barn overlooking body of water sitting beneath evening sky
white painted gothic style structures surrounded by green grass sitting beneath blue sky
star barn complex sitting beneath blue sky and above green grass and blacktop surface
gazebo with ornate roof sitting amidst trees and green grass with path leading up to it
second story interior of gothic style timber frame barn with hanging light fixtures
dining room tables sitting on reclaimed wood floor inside of newly restored timber frame barn
wooden dining tables and wooden floor inside of restored timber frame barn
tack room with hanging light fixtures sitting above brick floor
bathroom with dual sinks and mirrors sitting parallel to shower with glass protector
bedroom with antique furniture and stone fireplace
bathroom with open stall door showing a white toilet sitting beneath a hanging light fixture and mirror
living room with reclaimed wood floor, stone fireplace, and furniture
wooden staircase sitting beside large wall with wooden wall hanger featuring pictures
interior view of wooden roof with hanging light fixtures
parallel wooden staircases leading to separate floors inside of timber frame barn
large open room with low hanging wooden ceiling sitting above brick
wooden staircase sitting in front of timber frame truss
small living space with television set, shelving, two sofa chairs and two hard wood chairs
large open room with brick flooring and multiple farm displays on the surrounding walls
timber frame truss supports in the ceiling of antique wooden barn
stone tunnel with brick flooring leading up to wooden door
brick pathway lined with metal handrails leading to outdoor dining area next to stone building
fully mad bed sitting beneath timber frame trusses
gothic style barn sitting behind body of water