Threlkeld Residence Leesburg, VA

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A variety of Arts & Crafts Movement designs feature in this custom ranch-style home, from the stone entryway and bespoke door to the fireplaces’ mantels. The 6,000-square-feet property includes plenty of indoor and outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing, with a warm and homey feeling provided by varying wood tones and materials. Each room is filled with natural light to give focus to the wooden rafters above and the inlaid hardwood flooring beneath.

grey luxury custom home sitting beneath overcast sky with green grass in front
luxury custom home with grey siding and stone lower half sitting beneath a cloudy sky in front of green grass
stone entrance way sitting in front of custom door beneath cloudy sky with stone walkway beneath it
outdoor deck with stone flooring and outdoor furniture sitting in front of trees
stone exterior stairway leading up to outdoor living space on the side of a grey custom home
large stone fireplace sitting beneath wood ceiling in semi outdoor living space area with wooden ceiling fan
stone fireplace with matching dual windows on its left and right side with living room furniture sitting in front
interior view of custom home with wooden ceiling and white hanging light fixture
wooden front door with wooden floor beneath it inside of custom built home with stairway sitting to the left side
dining table sitting beneath wooden ceiling beams with glass doors and windows in back
white kitchen cabinets with two plants on top with modern art paintings to their right