Care for your horse barn in the winter

Winter Care Tips for Your Barn & Horse

While horses are sturdy creatures that can weather the winter well, they still require some special attention when the temperatures drop. Making sure your barn is in good shape for the winter will go a long way in winter horse care and keeping your horse healthy as the temperatures drop:

  • Check for Drafts – Good ventilation is essential for horse health, but large drafts can be dangerous. If your barn is older check door and windows and cover any holes that let in too much air. Replace any broken windows or faulty door latches.
  • Check Door Sizes – Quality barn doors make a big difference and are a worthwhile investment. Check to make sure your barn end doors fit properly and provide plenty of coverage from side-to-side and from top-to-bottom. If you see big gaps, you should consider replacing them.
  • Water Supply – Keep a close eye on the water trough and take measures to prevent freezing. A heating device is a sound investment and can help ensure your horse is well hydrated. While the consumption of snow is ok for horses, it is not a good substitute for fresh water and will not prevent your horse from getting dehydrated over the winter.
  • Keep Riding – In the best scenario, you will have access to a heated indoor arena. If you ride outside, consider creating a track in your pasture by using shavings or sand to soften the frozen ground.

By observing and implementing these simple tactics, you’re sure to keep your horses happy and healthy this winter! Need help or considering a new barn for next year? Contact B&D Builders to discuss your project.