B&D Leaves Their Mark on Unique Equestrian Facility

When Murphy Brothers Contracting in Mamaroneck, NY was approached by an Architect to create a world-class equestrian facility, they knew they would need the help of a barn builder with unrivaled equine knowledge to pull it off.  

John Dorsey, Senior Project Manager with Murphy Brothers, was assigned to the task. Dorsey has 27 years of experience building high-rises and luxury homes throughout the Westchester and Hudson Valley region of NY and lower Fairfield County, CT – but constructing a unique private equine facility would be a first for him. 

B&D Builders came highly recommended to Dorsey through the equestrian community. After bidding the project out to B&D and 2 other builders, B&D was chosen to do the work. Their many referrals, work portfolio and the impressive knowledge and attention to detail presented in their bid were all contributing factors behind their selection.

Laying the Groundwork

Prior to B&D starting their leg of the project, Murphy Brothers completed all site work including excavation, foundation, HVAC, electric, plumbing and a sophisticated 60,000-gallon inground water system to manage sprinklers and other fire-prevention features throughout the facility.

With the initial site work complete, B&D expertly executed the framing of the massive equestrian facility. Stamford, CT-based Jones Byrne Margeotes Partners was the architect for the project.

Project Overview

The stunning 19-stall equestrian facility, completed on time and within budget, features the following:

  • 8,500 square foot barn with 13 standard stalls, 2 tack stalls, and 2 wash stalls
  • Muck building with 2 quarantine stalls and a 3-bay garage
  • Exterior jump field (120’ x 200’) with a Boral rider wall
  • 6 paddocks
  • White Oak construction, entire shell & interior trim.  

The facility took just 1 year and 1 day to complete. The permit was issued April 26, 2018 and construction wrapped up on April 27, 2019. Even with record-breaking rain that fell during the 12 months, Dorsey was ecstatic with the project timeline.

“B&D absolutely came through with flying colors. Throughout construction, we got 36 inches of rain – the highest amount recorded in that area in 124 years. But despite the weather constraints, they got everything done on time,” shared Dorsey.

One Stop Shop

B&D’s umbrella of other businesses – Mid-Atlantic Timberframes, Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication, Vintage Wood & Forged Iron and Vintage Millwork & Restoration – made it possible to have a one-stop shop for almost every detail of the project. 

“B&D’s ability to resolve challenges and act efficiently through the expertise of their partner businesses, definitely helped everything stay on schedule, which made my job a lot easier,” said Dorsey. 

The specialization that each B&D business brings to the table also allows for total customization for each project they design and build. It also allows for a higher level of quality craftsmanship that’s hard to come by with other equestrian barn builders.

“We’ve never worked with a more honest, accountable company than B&D Builders. They were skilled, transparent, polite, neat, clean. Everyone worked so efficiently. I can’t say enough about their quality of work and craftmanship. What we’ve built is truly spectacular,” added Sean Murphy o-owner of Murphy Brothers Contracting

What’s Next

Murphy Brothers Contracting continues to eagerly look for another project to work on with the B&D team. 

“I enjoyed working with them to the degree that I invited them to help me build an 81,000 square-foot building in the middle of Westchester.” quipped Dorsey.