custom doors

Enhance the Value of your Design/Build with a Custom Door

Nothing compliments a barn, garage or home quite like a quality custom door. While doors serve as a functional part of any construction or renovation project, the type of door selected is an important consideration.

As a custom barn and homebuilder, B&D understands the unique craftsmanship involved in designing and building custom doors that combine purpose with personality. From elegant hinged doors and real wood to glass sliding doors or antique overhead doors, B&D can create a door to complement the style of your building.

The benefits of a custom door:

  • Personality – a custom door is unique to your barn or home. You can make it as detailed as you would like by adding arches, glass and other fine details.
  • Style – single, double, Dutch or others. B&D will work with you to determine the best style and right wood species to accomplish your goals.
  • Functionality – front door, swing door, pocket door or sliding door, B&D custom doors are built with purpose. So, not only do they make a great first impression, they also work really well.
  • Durability – Custom doors are often higher quality than a store-bought door.  In a custom design, the rails, stiles and jambs are hand constructed, along with the doors, to reduce drafts and water leakage.

Considering a custom door design for your project? Get it touch!