Building a Horse Barn? Three Things to Consider

Building a Horse Barn? Three Things to Consider

Designing and building a custom facility of any kind is no small feat. Whether it’s an event venue, commercial space, or luxury home, there are many elements and moving parts to consider. And in certain aspects, perhaps even more challenging is the planning for a horse barn or other equine structure.

Planning for Your Equine Project

Every equine project we take on at B&D Builders is an opportunity to create something truly special — for both clients and their horses. The clients we meet are as diverse as the structures we create. Some have a clear vision for their equine facility, while others might not know exactly what their desires are. In either case, the knowledge and expertise of a reputable, full-service custom builder is invaluable.

Whether you’re planning a simple horse barn or a show-stopping equestrian facility, here are three questions to keep in mind as you move forward with a builder.

1. Where Should I Place My Horse Barn?

The first step to designing and building an unforgettable equine structure is to have a site visit and walk the land with your builder. This is an opportunity to review preliminary sketches or completed plans and ensure proper site placement for your building.

An experienced builder can address important areas that affect the best placement. For example, taking advantage of sunlight and wind conditions can not only help with the health of your horses, but it can also help maximize the energy efficiency of your structure.

Another critical factor is stormwater management. Rainfall can produce significant runoff, creating slippery mud and standing water around your horse barn or other equine structures. Managing water effectively makes ground conditions safer and prolongs the life of building foundations.

2. Who Should Design My Equine Project?

Design plans for an equine structure can be approached in a variety of ways.

Some clients may work with an architect and have a set of plans before choosing a builder. In this scenario, it’s important to review the plans with the builder as early as possible to address any potential design or construction challenges. This ensures the best possible outcome for the project.

In other cases, clients may not have an architect or architectural plans but know the builder they want to work with. At B&D Builders, we can help find the best architect for a client’s project — even support the interview and selection process, if desired. For smaller-scale projects, we can manage design in-house with architectural signoff.

There is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creating the design of your equine structures. B&D can help determine the best option based on the scope of your project.

3. How Do I Handle All the Details of My Equestrian Project?

With projects as complex as custom-built equine structures, open communication is a must. There are many details to assess and manage, everything from building codes and zoning approvals to the final interior and exterior design options.

To ensure a smooth process, a custom builder experienced in equestrian projects is key. At B&D, we communicate with our customers every step of the way to ensure every detail is handled — and handled right.


Working with a horse barn builder that approaches projects with great attention to detail, clear and transparent communication, and a collaborative mindset is the best way for your vision to become an unforgettable reality. Are you planning to build a horse barn, riding arena, or full-scale equestrian facility? We’d love to discuss your project! Contact us today.