woman standing next to horse inside barn with metal balusters in back

Commitment to the Equestrian Lifestyle

In addition to building relationships, B&D excels at building for the equestrian lifestyle. Many builders can build a barn, but few can build a home for horses. 

When Ben Esh and Daniel Glick started B&D in 2000, they were inspired by their experiences growing up. For generations, their families worked with animals and the buildings they call home. It was only natural for them to apply their lifelong knowledge to their business.

From modest barns to large equestrian arenas, B&D has brought their tireless work ethic, creativity, and attention to detail to exquisite equine structures across the US — each one as unique as the next.

“We understand that each equestrian discipline has different needs; the flow and functionality of a polo barn are vastly different than a dressage barn. The smallest details always matter,” Esh says.

Trusting the Process

Glick adds that B&D’s building process relies heavily on collaboration with their clients and partners, ensuring the finished space works well for the discipline, horse, and owner.

B&D first looks at the use of the land, how to optimize sunlight and wind for horse health and energy efficiency. Then the build begins, with close attention to foundational aspects such as stalls, flooring, lighting, and airflow. 

Additional offerings often found in major equestrian facilities — tack rooms, feed rooms, veterinary space, even a clubhouse — are thoughtfully planned with input from the client, architects, and engineers. 

Complete Customization

While most builders can manage some parts of an equestrian project, B&D offers complete customization under one roof thanks to their three specialty brands.

Mid-Atlantic Timberframes produces timber framing that is second to none in craftsmanship and beauty. For gates, fencing, railings, and other intricate metalwork that often becomes the focal point of a project, they rely on Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabrication. And Vintage Millwork and Restoration specializes in doors, cupolas, hardware, and other elements for historic restoration projects or new construction designed for historic effect.

Being a one-stop shop helps B&D ensure better lead times and quality control from start to finish.

Getting Started

For anyone looking to renovate or build an equine facility, Glick and Esh are one phone call away. Their team has traveled everywhere — from New York to as far away as Colorado and Wyoming.